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We are a premier boutique firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of high net worth matrimonial and family law. We represent prominent business executives, celebrities and media figures, entrepreneurs, and professionals. We are well versed in all facets of matrimonial and family law, and have substantial experience in resolving matters through litigation as well as negotiated settlements. Because we view providing each client with the individualized and strategic attention that he or she deserves as a full-time commitment, we are selective about the cases we take on. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and concerns and provide them with personalized attention and incisive, well-reasoned legal counsel.


At our core, we are trial lawyers. This means that we approach each case with the practiced and analytical method of consummate litigators, identifying the issues and crafting strategy from the outset to bring each case to the best possible resolution for our client. We understand that not every case should go to trial, but our readiness to try cases when necessary—and our reputation as formidable adversaries in the courtroom—shapes the course of our settlements on terms that are maximally favorable to our clients. When the client’s interests lie in trying the case, we do so fearlessly, drawing on our deep knowledge of matrimonial and family law and our vast experience in litigating cases to successful outcomes. Our firm has been responsible for a number of pathbreaking decisions that have been published in legal journals. The fact that enthusiastic former clients are our greatest source of referrals bears testament to the level of service and quality of representation that our firm provides. 


Tower 45
120 West 45th Street
Suite 2801
New York, New York 10036
Phone: (212) 750-2240

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